I'm a Freelance Illustrator specialising in Rich Pictures; large illustrations used in corporate communications to get across complex ideas to a wide range of audiences. I have completed over eighty Rich Picture projects for organisations as diverse as BAE Systems, The Royal Navy, Transport for London, TNT and Sainsbury's. Most of my work contains sensitive information so I cannot always show my latest and best work online. Written testimonials are often the only bit of information I'm allowed to share so please visit the Clients page to read glowing testimonials from satisfied customers.

Firstly, working with Paul is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Paul has an ability to engage a team, allowing the exploration and coaxing out of a shared understanding which enables the creation of a powerful rich picture vision. The vision picture is the end result, but its not the only outcome…

Creating the vision involves taking the team on a journey; by describing an ideal state in basic analogies, that everyone can understand, allowing the questioning of the intended and unintended meanings/implications in the analogy and if that is what the team are really trying to describe. Through this questioning and debate a successful future vision can be agreed, one in which the same scenario can be described by everyone in their own words, but they are describing the same picture. An aligned vision owned by everyone.

Head of Quality & Production Engineering (at a globally recognisable brand).