Another satisfied customer.

It’s one of the peculiarities of my branch of specialisation (Rich Pictures) that I am limited in what I can reveal of my very visual work in this very visual media. This particular job was a long time in development but leapt into life when Henry got involved. I don’t think he’d mind me saying that he’s the ‘Military Type’ with a keen eye for detail. I never mind that in a client. It shows they have bought into the picture and care about it passionately. I think the last detail I had to tweak was the height of a one-way sign; the smallest detail was the width of a badger’s jowls- the badger being an ‘in-joke’ that meant something to those in the know. You could say this picture was polished to a parade gloss!

Another satisfied customer.

In the absence of the Rich Picture itself, here is a small detail and Henry’s kind words, lifted verbatim from his recommendation on Linkedin.

“If you are considering commissioning a Rich Picture, use Paul Shorrock. He is a gifted and highly approachable artist who exudes patience, flexibility and helpful ideas whilst a brief is refined. He also receives detailed feedback positively and responds extremely quickly to tight deadlines. Nothing is too much trouble. Regular tele-conferences to discuss progress are invaluable and ensures the image develops in the right direction. Our final product has simplified a complicated series of relationships and processes into a Rich Picture that can be readily understood by stakeholders without a voiceover – easier said than done. Paul will help your organisation.”

Henry Bettinson

Project and Programme Manager