Creative Lancashire promote creative Lancastrian.

Those hard working individuals at Creative Lancashire have written a newsletter/blog post promoting my Rich Picture business.

Creative Lancashire promote creative Lancastrian.

Creative Lancashire are funded by the County Council and have a remit to promote creative and digital businesses in the region. Ed Mathews-Gentle is a powerhouse with a small team around him doing a great job helping the many small and growing creative communities taking root in North West England. If you have a creative business yourself or have a need for creative business (who doesn’t?) their website is a one-stop-shop for support and networking and also showcasing some of the talent available here in Lancashire.

The piece has several examples of my Rich Pictures. Not the latest and greatest because they are not for public display but hopefully enough to give you an idea of the breadth and scope of my work. If you have a 2020 vision, or are looking for a way to communicate complex stories in a changing world perhaps creating a Rich Picture will help?

View the Creative Lancashire post here.