Get Rich Quick?

Interesting times we are living in. I haven't earned any money from Rich Pictures at all in 2023 (at the time of writing). Because everyone's budgets are stretched and everyone loves a bargain I have decided to have a "half-price sale".

Get Rich Quick?

After a prolonged downturn through times of Brexit uncertainty and the Covid-19 pandemic, business had bounced back quite nicely last year and at times I had more work than I could handle. I had some repeat business and some new clients and everything was ticking along nicely. Life was good. Then with the war in Ukraine and the resulting energy prices spike and the cost of living crisis it has all come to a juddering halt. It seems like people are nervous about investing in an uncertain future.

Rich Pictures have made me a living but never made me rich. It’s the pictures that are “rich” in terms of information, not me. I am surviving on my diminishing savings and waiting for the upturn. I have the promise of work in the pipeline but it can’t come soon enough. So I thought as I am time-rich but cash-poor at the moment I should have a “half-price sale”. The full Rich Picture service now starts at £2,000 up to a top price of £3,000 for the most complicated jobs. This offer is only available for a short time (I hope!) so if you have been thinking about commissioning a Rich Picture for your organisation there has never been a better time. Please get in touch and remember to mention my half-price-sale to get the benefits of a full quality Rich Picture at half the normal cost.

Astra Zeneca Rich Picture

You too can have a picture like mine! Rich Picture for Astra Zeneca 2007.