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AM Industrial PMO

This Rich Picture was commissioned by Richard Merralls of AM Industrial, a business specialising in providing Project Management services.

Richard had found that most client organisations he worked with had a poor understanding of what a PMO actually does and what benefits it can bring. He gave me the starting point that the PMO was the “beating heart” of the programme and on top of that, once set up, the processes had their own forward momentum that drove the project forward whilst keeping a close control on risk and finances.
He also told me he’d like the picture to show a progression from stormy seas and floundering projects, with disjointed teams (on the left) towards the calm, blue seas of “Business as Usual” on the right. As a late addition he requested adding a representation of his own family enjoying a picnic on the beach to show the work-life balance that could be achieved when everything runs smoothly. Find out more about AMI’s business packages at


Richard Merralls
AM Industrial