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NSL bid to Lambeth Council

In 2016 I was asked by NSL (a company that supplies outsourced services to Local Authorities) to create this Rich Picture as part of their bid to win repeat business from Lambeth Council.

It helped that I had lived most of my adult life in the South London borough!

NSL were expanding their service offering beyond just parking enforcement to include reduction of environmental crimes and anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping and dog mess. I used as much accurate representation of the actual appearance of the borough, not only in attempting to make a simplified but recognisable Town Hall but in the street furniture, like the litter bins, pedestrian railings and bus stops.

NSL must have been pleased with the result because a few weeks later they asked me to edit the artwork to be non-specific to Lambeth to use in their bids to other Local Authorities. Spot the differences?

Thanks Paul, looks Great!

Bob Mann
Commercial Manager, NSL