“Reliable delivery assured…”

A recently completed Rich Picture was for the cutting-edge engineering design and manufacturing arm of a globally recognisable organisation who choose to remain anonymous for commercial reasons. I was very happy with the finished result and it seems they were too.

“Reliable delivery assured…”

I was introduced to the project by Phil Hall of Spitfire Consultancy who had been embedded into the client company for several months helping them with an improvement project in an area in which they are already World class. A site visit and meetings with the subject matter experts spread over two days got me off to a flyer and had everybody onside from the outset.

I would have loved to showcase the result in my online portfolio but in the battle between my self-promotion and the client’s confidentiality there can only ever be one winner! Above is a zoomed in detail of the red pencil image I try to include in every picture as a sort of watermark, as much as I dare show. Phil has been kind enough to put some feedback down in writing which I include below. Nice to hear about the life of a picture after delivery (and the end of my involvement) and also that the client considers it to be their picture.

“I was facing a client dilemma – working with a high-end engineering design and manufacturing organisation with a very strong brand and marketing bias, and needing to develop with them a clear and unambiguous vision of the future to anchor the improvement project around. I needn’t have worried – having worked with Paul previously I felt very comfortable recommending his capability to the organisation, and he didn’t disappoint. He very quickly built a strong rapport with the team involved, and took the genesis of an idea that had already been created and developed it into a strong and clear description of the future they are trying to create.
The future vision that he has helped them to visualise is now taking pride of place within each team area of the organisation, and provides a constant compass and reference point for all the decisions they are making. Most importantly, this organisation talks about the picture as theirs and not Paul’s, which powerfully demonstrates how Paul managed to bring out the images that were lurking in each team members head and pull them all together into one cohesive vision.”

Philip Hall | Training Director | Spitfire

If you have images lurking in your head perhaps I can help you build a cohesive vision? Reliable delivery assured!