Saving the World, one Rich Picture at a time!

In collaboration with my colleagues at JA Consulting I recently delivered this Rich Picture to a group of Academics working under the umbrella "Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems". The first time I have done a Rich Picture for CENTS!

Saving the World, one Rich Picture at a time!

One advantage of working for Academic clients, rather than commercial or public sector ones, is that they are not shy to show off their lovely new Rich Pictures in full. Click link for larger image.

I know it’s something I have banged on about in earlier posts but the tension between my self-promotional activities and my clients desire for confidentiality always comes down in favour of the client so it’s a rare treat to be able to reveal in full a picture so fresh off my desk.

I had heard the phrase “Circular Economy” but didn’t know much about it before starting this picture. It was a difficult one to encapsulate, with a high level of complexity and a multi-threaded timeline representing current, transitional and future states across four main themes with a couple of dozen key messages. Plus the green future it imagined where parts of a train carriage may become building materials, parts of an aeroplane might become parts of a train carriage and vehicles were modular with interchangeable and reusable parts were difficult to visualise initially. I wrestled with a few false-starts before inspiration was garnered from Ellen MacArthur’s butterfly diagram. It was still a struggle from there but going ‘widescreen’ helped create enough space left-to right.

detail of Rich Picture for CENTS

Detail of CENTS Rich Picture

I’m told the results exceeded expectations. Here’s the lovely feedback I received just this morning.

“The conference went very well and the rich picture was very well received by all – nobody had seen anything like it so it was really enthusiastically run with.  I believe EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) are wanting to use it on their comms channels to promote their CE activities.”
Kerry Kirwan, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) at the University of Warwick.

If your job is to imagine a better future, perhaps a Rich Picture will make the journey easier? Get in touch.