Straight from the horse’s mouth…

In the world of Rich Pictures there is always a tension between client confidentiality and self-promotion.

Straight from the horse’s mouth…

That’s why there are so few full examples of the fifty-plus Rich Picture projects I have completed in the last few years in my online portfolio. This puts greater importance of the bits of positive feedback that come my way. I got one today that echoes what I have said in the past about Rich Pictures being an alternative to “Death by PowerPoint”. Cynics may think I’m writing these myself but Andy Woodfield, Partner at PwC, was happy for me to quote him directly:

“Paul – fantastic image, thank you, as Luke said this really transformed the conversation and put us in a completely different space with our client, so much better than a boring PowerPoint presentation. I’d love to keep working with you, we may have some immediate opportunity to work together on another image for *****, I was there last week talking about the impact these images can have on client conversations.”

Andy Woodfield, Partner, PwC